Our products are of exceptional quality owing to the various controls to which they are subjected:

Selection of livestock in the country

Seleción del ganado

Out technicians always act according to the premise of selecting the best animals from the large herd of sheep in our area.

We only select animals which have been fed a controlled diet, have undergone the appropriate veterinary check-ups, and which are of suitable weight for their subsequent slaughter.

Slaughtering and preparing the corresponding cuts:

The slaughtering of the sheep is carried out in our modern installations with strict hygiene and food safety controls.

The process is that of line production: it starts with the slaughter and continues in the cooling rooms and subsequently on the processing tables where the various cuts are prepared and the packaging is carried out; then the products are stored in huge fridges or freezers so as to keep intact all the properties of our mutton with its intense taste.

Personal del matadero trabajando

Veterinary and sanitary controls:

These controls are carried out by external veterinary surgeons and healthcare personnel and are governed by the strict protocols required by the European authorities on hygiene and maximum food safety.


Halal certificates

Our company has the appropriate control certificates for the slaughter and production processes required by the corresponding religious authorities.

Our mutton with its intense taste complies with all the necessary consumption requirements of people following the Moslem or Jewish religious precepts.

Halal certificates issued by the Halal Institute of the Islamic Board of Córdoba, Spain

Finally, we are proud to contribute towards supporting the rural world in an environmentally friendly manner and thus encourage sustainable production.

Sello Halal
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